“I wish to highly commend you on doing such a sterling job of raising our children in the best school on the Bluff.
I often get to the school early to collect (my child) and … you guys are doing an outstanding job of running the school in a proper and orderly fashion.
The learners which I’ve seen departing the school are always well presented. Their uniform is neat and tidy, the children are quiet and happily greet parents they walk past, they are helpful and friendly and carry their conduct with pride.
I’m extremely proud of the BCA learners, who have greatly impressed me. They definitely represent BCA to the fullest and deserve commending for doing such a great job.
I’ve always seen the learners representing their fondly loved school.
The best sight on earth is seeing your child coming to the car at the end of the day, so happy and always giving positive feedback how wonderful their day was and how nice their teachers are etc.
Keep up the good work.”

“I am extremely grateful that BCA is available. BCA gives parents like myself the peace of mind that our children are receiving a good education, not only academically, but spiritually as well”

“I recommend BCA to whoever is looking for a good school for their children. The Code of Conduct portrays the Christian morals & values. This school is making a big difference in my child’s life – put God first in everything we do.”

“BCA’s academic results are commendable. The staff are friendly and very helpful. I love the professional school uniform!”

“BCA teachers have a friendly, warm attitude with the children, but are still able to instill values and discipline.”

“I have seen a huge positive improvement in my child’s attitude to school – he obviously feels appreciated, comfortable and secure within the BCA environment.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for accepting our son into Bluff Christian Academy at such short notice. As discussed in our interview, our son had become extremely withdrawn and negative in the four months at his previous school. He was quickly becoming depressed, despondent and frustrated. His attitude had become negative and he was very unhappy. Since moving him over to BCA, just three weeks ago, we have seen a complete change in his attitude and demeanor. He is once again his usual happy, helpful, friendly and loving self. His attitude towards his younger brothers has become loving and helpful once again and we are extremely happy to see that he is peaceful and content. His marks have already improved in both English and Afrikaans. Clearly it is this Godly, loving and encouraging environment that he is being schooled in that has brought about this change and this now overflows into his home environment and his relationship with his family. Thank you again for affording my son the opportunity to learn and grow at BCA. We have full confidence that he will grow into a God-fearing, responsible and loving young man with good biblical morals and a love and passion for Jesus Christ.”

“We would like to thank you and your staff, on a professional and personal level, in sharing these past few years with us. We are sad to be leaving “our school” as we (especially K__) have come to know each of you and we have found a special place in our hearts, and K__’s in yours! Thank you for standing by us, through the last 5 years, through thick and thin, and for guiding our little girl in the correct path. We can thank our Heavenly Father, that we found a school like this, to continue to assist as parents in instilling Christian Values in our daughter from a very young age. We are honored and blessed to have come to know each of you, but this is a sad and a happy good bye. One thing we can say, is that if we ever come back to South Africa in the near future, BCA here we come!! This is one school, we can call “home” and feel peace at home, as we know, that our children are your children, who in return belong to Our HEAVENLY FATHER.”

“My son has always had a concentration problem and can never sit still. Since coming to BCA, he settled down considerably and he has also become more attentive. Thank you BCA staff.”

“My daughter looks forward to school everyday (unlike her previous school). She has gained so much confidence. Adores her teachers from each Grade. She never wants to leave BCA!”

“My daughter’s grades have improved dramatically; which I am really proud of. Her whole general demeanor has changed, thanks mainly to a Christian based school”

“The Christian values being taught are also brought home and I have noticed this.

“My son has become more confident and sociable. His Sunday school teacher marvels at his knowledge of scriptures and we give God all the glory and thank BCA.”

“Both my child and I were welcomed into BCA with love. Since my daughter joined BCA, she has excelled in every area of her life, the gifts that God has given her have been put to use and I have no regrets. God has made it possible for my child to attend the best school and I thank Him for this.”

“My daughter is who she is because of all the teachings and values you have taught her, I know she will take these teachings with her all through her life and pass them on to others and her own children one day. We as a family have learned a few things from my daughter and we’re proud of both her and the school she attends.”

From a past BCA Learner whose family relocated before he completed his education in BCA:  “FROM WHAT I LEARNT AT BCA in Geography has grounded me in my research in Geology, History, Genetics, Genealogy and many more to help prove Biblical fact. It was because of all your … well what BCA is … that made me strive now to do that, without you I would now probably be in jail. God put me there for a reason and I wanted to thank you for being that person, or the tool God designed to shape me to the man I am today, without you I would be probably mmm dead to be honest. Sorry to bore you with this but just wanted to say sometimes some kids may seem like a bit to hard to handle but keep at it because God has something amazing for them to do in their lives every single one. Just like you helped me find my destiny and purpose, they will too, one day and look back and wonder how they would have ever done it with out you.”