Events and Trips

Upcoming events:-


23 October     Grade 12 Final examinations begin

24 October     2019 Grade One Orientation (for learners and parents/ guardians)

26 October     BCA Art Exhibition 17h00 to 19h30 in hall

05 November     Grade 7 to 11 examinations begin

12 November     Grade 4 to 6 examinations begin

04 December     Foundation Phase Prize Giving 08h00 to 10h00. Foundation Phase reports released.

06 December     Grade 4 to 12 Prize Giving 0800 to 10h00. Grade 4 to 12 reports released.

07 December     10h00 Bluff Christian Academy closes for the December holidays

To view all the events for the current school term, please click here to download the Term Planner

Despite the strong emphasis that is placed on academic development our learners are also given the opportunity to unwind and interact with one another on a social basis. The interaction allows them to live out the practical side of Christian character and to learn more about the team work that makes Christianity a family affair. Of course it is more fun if the experience allows you to acquire new skills and gives one the chance to try your hand at some things never possible if you are alone. Testing limitations makes for fun times while developing those hard to acquire skills that only an out door challenge can provide.